Mary Alice and Duff giving a shout out to Unique 360 Tours

Shooting the Virtual Tour for Charm City Cakes was a pretty cool experience.  If you don’t know Charm City Cakes… they have a hit TV show on the Food Network and are notorious for building outrageous cakes.  Check out their website for some crazy cakes.  Anyhow, when I was shooting the Virtual Tour of the bakery, there were a couple of staff working on designing some cakes that needed to get out the door.  Mary Alice was there making sure the Virtual Tour went smoothly.  And, no, there were not any Food Network cameras there at the time. 

After the Virtual Tour was completed and they launched their brand new website, Mary Alice gave a nice little shoutout to Unique 360 Tours.  Click the image below to read it yourself!


P.S.  A couple months later Charm City Cakes sent Unique 360 Tours a Christmas Card.  Nice touch.  I still have it somewhere.

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