Annapolis Design Company Strikes Again!

Thanks to the creative work of Pat MacAdams over at the Annapolis Design Company, I am proud to announce the addition a brand new logo for Unique 360 Tours.   

The Annapolis Design Company is a full service graphic design agency known for their innovative designs, stunning vector illustrations, and creative edge.  At first, we struggled with finding the perfect identity and brand for Unique 360 Tours.  However, the ADC was able to grab our vision by the horns and get it down on paper.  Now we have a logo that we are proud to post EVERYWHERE.  Thank you, Annapolis Design Company.  

Also, now that we have a GREAT logo to work with, be on the lookout for Unique 360 Tours shirts, polos, hats, and all that other lovely merchandise.  If you are interested in getting a shirt, leave a post on this blog and we’ll make sure you get one.  If you have ideas for other types of 360 merch, let us know!

For all of your logo designs, brochure designs, flash designs, and SEO be sure to use Pat MacAdams and the Annapolis Design Company.  Visit their website at: and tell them that Unique 360 Tours sent you!!!

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  • Craig W. Ulep Jul 13, 2010 

    I want a shirt! i’m like a mobile billboard of sexiness! its good advertisement!

  • Rory Teeling Jul 14, 2010 

    Do you ship internationally?

  • John Gibbs Jul 14, 2010 

    Craig, you got it. You might have just earned yourself a hat, too. Keep up the good work.

    Rota, what’s the ole’ FedEx rate these days to ship something to Jordan. I’ll tell you what, it would be pretty cool to have you representing Unique 360 Tours in the middle east.

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