Terps Virtual Tour, Part 1: The Comcast Center

What costs over $125 million to build, seats nearly 18,000 people, and was ranked the 7th toughest venue to play at by EA Sports… that’s right, the Unique 360 Tours offices.  Actually that’s not “exactly” true, we were ranked somewhere  closer to a baker’s dozen.  Anyhow, the real answer is the notorious Comcast Center aka “The House that Gary Williams Built.”

This place is massive and it’s only proper that it was showcased properly with our 360 Virtual Tours.  This was one of our first Virtual Tours for the University of Maryland and it was quite the sight.  Not only are we talking center court of the basketball arena… but we’re talking both Men’s and Women’s Basketball Locker Rooms… and their private Lounges.  We’re talking multiple fitness facilities for with a private room for the wresting teams, a private lifting facility, volleyball gameday setups, gymnastic setups, and a bunch of other stunning behind the scenes peek of the largest and most popular college sports programs on the East Coast. 

Here’s a picture of Chris shooting the Virtual Tour at Center Court of the Basketball Arena:

A couple days later, here’s a video clip of the Terp fans celebrating a win over their rival, the Duke Blue Devils: 

Pretty crazy stuff.  But enough with all this still photography and shaky amateur video nonsense.  You people want the good stuff, right.  You want to see what happens behind the scenes.  Check out where the players practice, train, study, hang out, and rest up.  You want to see where Coach Gary Williams sits when he’s watching film and drawing up plays.  You want to see where famous athletes, such as Juan Dixon, Greivis Vasquez, Steve Francis, and Len Bias got their start.  Okay.  Check it out by going to:  www.unique360tours.com/comcastcenter

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