Terps Virtual Tour, Part II: Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium

Ahh, the infamous Byrd Stadium.  Growing up, Byrd Stadium was a fixture in NCAA Lacrosse Championships and my childhood.  Now, M&T Bank Stadium is the go-to.  I guess you could say that this is where lacrosse got it’s start.  Remember the days when Paul and Gary Gait dominated the league?  Those guys are were the coolest.

Anyhow, enough reminiscing, and onto the Virtual Tours…

We shot several Virtual Tours for Byrd Stadium, as the place in enormous.  The day we shot the field was pretty crazy, since they wanted the Virtual Tour to be done under Football gameday conditions.  That means all the lines are painted, endzones are prepped, players are on-site getting ready, press is walking around, and so forth.  So shooting the 50-yard line was a cool sight and the only obstacle was all the people walking around.  Too many people to ask to kindly step inside for a few minutes.  Anyhow, if you look closely enough you may find some players warming up and stats people getting ready.

The craziest shot was inside the Terps locker room.  When we walked in, we had to clear the room of everyone inside.  Not sure if you realize it, but there’s alot that goes on in the hours before a big game.  Players jerseys are getting hung in their lockers, shoes being laid out, coaches walking around, trainers walking around, players hanging out, players getting wrapped up, and just alot going on.  So we had some UMD arsenal with us and our contact was able to clear the room to shoot the Virtual Tour.  Also, not sure if you realize it, but see those double doors straight ahead?  They lead directly to the field behind one of the endzones.  So when players head out to the field… they’ll slap the WIN painted over the door frame, run through the doors, enter a tunnel, rub Testudo the Terrapin‘s shell (see below), and run onto the field under the goalpost.

Pretty motivating stuff.  It makes me want to watch Rudy, again.  This time everyone will just be chanting… Gibbs…Gibbs…Gibbs…Gibbs.

All for now, here is the Virtual Tour if you have not seen it already.  There were a ton of other locations we shot for Byrd Stadium, so be on the lookout for more posts shortly.  Click the images blow for the Virtual Tour!

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