Terps Virtual Tour, Part III: Maryland Football

A couple weeks ago, I had a post about Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. However, I never really dug into the Football Team. Maryland Football is BIG in this area and the players are hailed as celebrities on campus. Now the that football season is kicking into gear, I thought I would dive into some of the football player perks that we discovered while shooting the Virtual Tours for University of Maryland.

First off, let’s give a hand to the elephant in the room. Literally. These guys have their own dining hall. Not just a dining area or dining room. I’m talking dining hall. A huge room that overlooks the stadium and is laden with UMD football legends and terps paraphernalia. Now, just so you understand, this is not like an annex of other dining halls. This is the football team’s dining hall and no one else is allowed to use it. Right outside the doors is the Terp Football Hall of Fame. The best part, we found out that the food that gets served there is ridiculous. For guys that burn in excess of 5,000 calories a day… that food better be good.

Second, let’s move to their weight room. Located just below the Dining Hall and next to their locker room. This place is big. Best part about this locker room are the stats that line the walls. Marked out my position (QB,RB,K,LB, etc) it shows the top 10 (or so) records of most weight lifted by player. Bench Press, Squat, Dead Lift, etc were all itemized out and the record holders name and year were included. Needless to say, after seeing those stats, I won’t be picking any fights with any Terp Football players….maybe a kicker.

Finally, the 50 yard line. It was just cool to stand there and look around. I felt like I should flip some coins. Players were running sprints and getting ready for a practice on the sidelines. Grounds crews were getting the field into game-day condition. So, we had to carefully shoot the Virtual Tour and make some edits afterwards. I dive into more detail about this Virtual Tour and the Football Locker Room in the PART II of this series.

All for now. I have to dart off to a meeting with a new client. Enjoy the weekend. Happy Footballing. Here is the Virtual Tour. Be sure to check out the Skybox, too.

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