The Power of Print

Been a busy week.  We’ve had a bunch of phone calls and email requests from realtors and business owners all over the mid-atlantic region thanks to the article in the Washington Post (Click Here to Read it).  I was in Howard County yesterday to shoot a Virtual Tour for a Child Daycare facility… and just got back from Baltimore a few minutes ago to shoot a Virtual Tour for a new home, compliments of Castle Rock Builders.  Unfortunately, it’s looking like I may need to be up early on Labor Day (i know) to go shoot a gig in Virginia.  All work and no play.  Well, not really, I’m going to take advantage of this holiday weekend and have some fun.  Maybe even find myself at a hurricane party. 

Be on the lookout for some new Virtual Tours posted up here in the coming days.  Chris and I have a production meeting tonight… in between draft picks, as our Baltimore Fantasy Football League Draft starts at 7pm.  We’ll be wrapping up the post-production of these Virtual Tours… and running some quality control on some others.  Gotta keep improving the product, right! 

Speaking of, someone send me these pictures and I figured that I would share. 

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