Unique 360 Tours Article in the Washington Post? Hopefully!

It’s been a pretty exciting Monday in the Virtual Tour world.  This afternoon, I got a call from a Washington Post reporter looking to do an article on Unique 360 Tours!

The reporter is with the business section of the Washington Post that features local companies that are moving up in the business world.  Although there are no promises that we will be in the paper or even simply an online article, I’m staying optimistic.  Keep your fingers crossed as this could be some huge exposure. If it goes to print, it will likely be sometime next week.  I’ll keep you posted. 

So, we had the (phone) interview today at 3pm.  You can imagine me pacing back and forth across my living room rattling off answers about the company.   We talked a lot about Charm City Cakes, University of Maryland, and Commercial Real Estate. 

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