Wroxeter is NOT haunted

So, I drove over to Wroxeter today to drop off a letter explaining this contest and seeing if we could shoot a Virtual Tour of their property.  I guess we play the waiting game for 24-48 hours and see what happens.  I hope they are reading this right now and decide to give me a call at (410) 419-5194.  Hint. 

(If you are new to this blog, read through the posts below to catch yourself up on all the Wroxeter details.)

Wroxeter Drive is a long windy road with a bunch of nice houses spread out along both sides of the road.  I knew that I was getting close when I came up to a big turn and you could sorta tell that the Severn River was just over the next set of trees.  Then all of a sudden, there are two columns of either side of the road that say “Wroxeter on the Severn | 1947”. 

Although they reminded me of a scary combination of “Lost” meets “Jurassic Park” meets “Pet Sematary,” I proceed further.   Beyond the large cement columns, it opens up to several different properties… and Wroxeter is hard to miss sitting at the center of it all.  A cool sight to see.  I can confidently say after seeing that place close up, that it is not haunted.  It’s a very nice property in a secluded neighborhood of waterfront and waterview homes.  Anyhow, that’s all that I’m going to tell you guys.  Hopefully this adds a level of mystery/intrigue and the owners will want to contact me at (410) 419-5194.  Hint.     

Someone told me that we might have to bribe them.  Bribes are legal, right?  Not a big bribe, like a bag of cash.  Not a weird bribe, like a puppy.  I’m talking something fun that says… this is a creative Annapolis Startup Company that is trying to bring awareness to a Historical Annapolis Landmark.  Their technology is going to revive this down economy.  And the owners are smart, handsome, and funny.  Well, guess we can leave off that last requirement, but you get the idea.  Add a comment to this post, if you have any ideas.

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  • Tim Delaney Aug 16, 2010 

    I think you should become a PI and move to Hawaii. Really though, nice work on your investigative skills. I always knew it wasnt huanted, but I wanted you to find out for yourself.

  • John Gibbs Aug 16, 2010 

    Not sure if you have heard yet. The current owner of the property called me this evening. We have a meeting scheduled for the morning and will hopefully be shooting the Virtual Tour. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  • Rita Gorman Aug 18, 2010 

    Two of my kids went to Wroxeter School before it closed. Can’t wait to see your “virtual tour”.

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