Wroxeter on the Severn Wins!

(UPDATE AUGUST 4th @ 4:26pm – Make sure you read the comments from Wroxeter Alumni in the comments section of this post.  Good Stuff. ) 

First, thanks to everyone who participated, whether it was commenting on the blog… posting Facebook messages… sending emails… and the several locations that I received over the weekend including the Whitehall Estate.  I appreciate all the contributions. 

 I was looking for the most creative and unique location and I think it must go to Ken who submitted the request to shoot a Virtual Tour for the “Wroxeter on the Severn.”  Growing up in Annapolis, I had always heard about this place… but always imagined it as an abandoned mansion covered in ivy with overgrown surroundings.  I was completely wrong. 

The Wroxeter on the Severn is a 33-room Mansion that is located on the hills of the Severn River, pretty much across the river from Sherwood Forest.  It served as a Prep School back in the 70’s-80’s until it was shut down.  It was known for producing some of the area’s top lacrosse players that went on to revolutionize the sport.  Anyhow, if you’re reading this and went to the school… know about the school… or just want to share some input… click on the comment section below.  Or you can email me at John@unique360tours.com and I will post any info that you want to share.

You can also read more about the place on the post below.  Ken Slunch shared some great info. 

Next step is going to be trying to get a hold of the owner.  I will keep everyone posted, so check back here often.  If you are the owner or alumni that has some information, click on the contact section located on the right side of this page. 

I think my first step is going to be contacting this Facebook group.  Hopefully they will be able to give us a much better look at how it was to go to this Historic Annapolis Landmark.  Feel free to share. 

I’m excited to shoot this Virtual Tour.

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  • Patrick MacAdams Aug 03, 2010 

    I’ve always wondered what this place was like inside. If I were you, I’d bring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.

  • John Gibbs Aug 03, 2010 

    I was afraid of that at first. Growing up, I pictured an abandoned warehouse with homeless people living in it.

    I found out today that it is a private residence that someone lives in. Ownership has changed hands several times over the years and I believe the property has been zoned into a couple sub-divisions.

    I’d love for the owner to see this post and give me a call.

    I’d also love to hear more about the lacrosse connection. Someone told me there was a connection with Wroxeter and Jim Moorhead.

  • Ken Slunch Aug 03, 2010 

    try getting in touch with John Lamon: Bay Ridge resident, Terps all American, Bayhawks asst coach, St. Mary’s father, and (I think) Wroxter alum.

  • Vicki Gorman Aug 03, 2010 

    My younger brother, Ryan, alerted me to the Wroxeter-on-the-Severn Wins! article. I am an alum. I went to 1st and 2nd grade there, while my 3 siblings attended the middle school. They got to attend classes in the mansion, I remember wishing I could walk up those stairs every morning to my classroom. Alas, my classrooms were in a long white building nearby. I clearly remember the big field we would play on and from there, being able to see the Severn everyday. It was a lovely school and I will never forget my favorite teacher, Mrs. Angel (2nd grade). I made a great friend at Wroxeter too, Mickey Arnold. Turned out we were reunited when I attended Severn School for high school. I will always have fond memories of that beautiful campus.

  • John Gibbs Aug 04, 2010 

    Thanks for sharing, Vicki. I’m glad to hear that Ryan is spreading the word.

  • John Gibbs Aug 04, 2010 

    A cool article that was sent to me. It’s from the Baltimore Sun on May 21, 1993 explaining the correlation between Wroxeter and St. Mary’s High School, my alma mater.
    (May 21, 1993 | By Marc Bouchard)
    By his own admittance, St. Mary’s lacrosse coach Jim Moorhead is a competitive person.

    That competitiveness, however, was challenged in recent years when Moorhead was forced to coach against his old friend Rob White, the coach of archrival Severn for the past seven years.

    But now, Moorhead doesn’t have to worry about curbing his competitive nature, because he and White are again allies.

    When the fifth-ranked Saints (11-5) face No. 1 Loyola (15-3) tonight for the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference title at UMBC Stadium, White and Moorhead will be alongside each other on the sidelines.

    Both agree that they’ll have their work cut out for them against the Dons.

    “We’re definitely the underdogs,” said Moorhead, whose Saints were ranked No. 12 in preseason. “Loyola is playing the best lacrosse of anybody right now.”

    “Loyola is really hot,” said White. “But, as recent games show, anybody can be beaten.”

    This is St. Mary’s second trip to the championship game. The VTC Saints, who have made the playoffs five of the past six years, lost to St. Paul’s in the final in 1991.

    St. Mary’s upset St. Paul’s, 8-7, Tuesday to make this year’s final. Loyola beat Boys’ Latin, 11-6, in the other semifinal.

    White and Moorhead grew up together in the Towson neighborhood of Rodgers Forge. The two played recreation league baseball, basketball and football together before going separate ways for high school and college.

    White attended Boys’ Latin, Hampden-Sydney and Salisbury State, and Moorhead went to Towson High, Virginia and Johns Hopkins.

    The two were reunited in 1976, when they were hired as assistant coaches at Wroxeter, a private high school in Arnold.

    When the school folded two years later, Moorhead was hired by St. Mary’s as an assistant. A year later, he was made head coach.

    White went on to graduate school, a three-year assistant coaching stint at Boys’ Latin and three years at Navy Prep before landing the head coaching job at Severn in 1986.

    “It was tough assuming two roles — friends and competitors,” said White, who now handles the St. Mary’s offense. “Our relationship would get strained a little during game weeks.”

    Said Moorhead: “I’m a very competitive person, but when I was coaching against him, it took some of my competitiveness away because he’s such a great friend.”

    White left Severn last year to take an administrative job at St. Mary’s.

    “He’s a personable guy and able to joke around with the players,” said Moorhead. “He’s very concerned about them as young men — not just as lacrosse players.”

    White says that he and Moorhead’s friendship with each other, and with defensive coach Mike Codd, has rubbed off on the St. Mary’s players.

    “They see the three of us getting along so well and having fun,” said White. “I would like to think that our relationship has something to do with the maturity of this team.”

  • Ricky Aug 04, 2010 


    I attended Wroxster from 1974/75 through 1979/80, which was 1st through 5th grade. I would have stayed there had the new headmaster not embezzled money and bankrupted the school. I, like almost all my classmates, transfered to Severn School in 1980 and spent my 6th-12th grade years there.

    Four of the teachers and administrators from Wroxeter pulled their resources and began a new school in Arnold in 1981 called Chesapeake Academy, where my son attends today.

    It was a great school, I have always been sorry I was not able to finish there. There were GREAT lacrosse players and coaches (Dick Webster, Jim moorehead, Rob White) that were there. In the 70’s lax heyday around here there used to annually be the St. mary’s Tourney, which always had Severn, Wroxeter, St. Mary’s and usually BL.

    If there is anything else I can tell you, I can always dig out my yearbooks.


  • Pat Gorman Aug 05, 2010 

    John, Ryan also sent me the link to your Wroxeter thing. I think Vicki is wrong, in that I am her only sibling who attended. I was there for 7th and 8th grade in the late ’70’s. I went on to Martin Spalding H.S. (now Archbishop Spalding), and during 10th or 11th grade a bunch of Wroxeter friends entered Spalding when Wroxeter closed.

    I remember coach Moorhead and how lax and football were big there. I took one high school-level math class during 8th grade, which allowed me access to the mansion, a very impressive space. I was relegated to a horse stable-like building for most of the rest of my classes. Music class was in another building across campus, right on a cliff edge overlooking the Severn. Not far from the “stables” was a cove with a pier, where some kids would arrive to school by boat, and from where they would skip out early to ski and drink.

    It was a good education there, and they were strict. I remember that a guy we knew had stolen a roll of tickets to a school dance. He gave a bunch to me and my best friend, and we got caught giving them away to other kids (most kids had to pay for them). Once a week, for months, we had to go to the tennis courts, where we were instructed on how to formally march like soldiers, as we were berated as “non-gentlemen”. Good times.

  • Tom Kelly Aug 12, 2010 

    Wroxter was the place that all great players of football and lacrosse wished for. I was brought in as they called in in 7th grade. I am a cousin of the late Kelly Morgan and Maryland lax player Tony Morgan.I I watched great players like Marty Cloud UMBC, Donny Sadler Maryland, Ken Kipkey ?, Eric Mendlemen and Rick Peret and Tom Wagner play lacrosee like no others. I watch Mike Burnett play as an 8th or 9th grader with the varsity with a broom handle sanded down for a lax pole. I went to class in the down stairs of the upper school and the old mansion.There was a full nights armour standing in the corner watching over the front door. It was a magical place with rumors of tunnels running under ground dating back to slavery. We never found them but looked for years I spent there. Dick Webster our headmaster was a firm but fair man. Its seems we spent too much time in his office. I left after my the start of my third year on campus. They told us 3 days before school started and we had been a football practice for 3 weeks that the school would be closing in Dec. The old man who ran the palce had died and his son thought the school account was his personal check book. It was a great place to be a kid and still is a part of me I will never forget. I drove up there 3-4 weeks ago after 10 years of not seeing it. Our football/lacrosse field on the water is someones back yard. The mansion has been fence off and divivded into 3-4 home sites. Still could hear the late coach Duden yelling at us from sidelines to play better against the Gilman if we ever wanted to make varsity.

  • Stuart Snyder Jan 22, 2011 

    I went to wroxeter from the first to fifth grades starting in 1972 and loved every minute. A pal and I used to get haircuts by Major Duncan…he used a bowl…I was suspeneded for a day for selling firecrackers on campus..quite the entrepenuer.
    My brother and sisters Scott, Sarah and Sue also went.
    I knew every inch of that school and fondly remember Mrs. Lindsay, JP Lindsays mom…Great lady.
    Any one looking to catch up email me



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